SUN PROJECTION by #resoirrecommends

Maison Balzac / Gobelets / Four drinking tumblers are each hand crafted from borosilicate glass. Essential to stay hydrated.

Biode / Into The Woods Deodorant / Natural deodorant formulated with body odour busting ingredients and without harmful aluminum salts or sweat blockers. Using ‘woody’ proprietary blend of essential oils to neutralise odour for all day protection.

Orris / Le Nomade Soap Bar / Gentle cleansing bar with key ingredients of turmeric for anti-inflammatory purposes and sheep’s milk providing lasting hydration to the skin; sheep’s milk also has lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid, which is a gentle and natural skin exfoliant.

Davines / Su Tan Maximizer / Nourishing cream for the face and body that naturally intensifies the normal skin pigmentation process and prepares the skin to sun exposure.

Davines / Sun Hair Mask / A moisturising and regenerating treatment for hair exposed by environmental factors such as sun, salt or chlorine. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action. Soft, easy to comb and shiny hair.

Sun Juju / Sunscreen / Non-greasy everyday SPF 50 sunscreen. Lusciously thick yet soaks into the skin easily. It has a nostalgic clean smell.

Davines / Sun Hair & Body Wash / Super rehydrating action to sun exposed hair and skin. A perfect multi use product for the shower. Easy to use, very gentle on the skin and leaves hair smelling fresh.

Biode / Salve-ation All Over Balm / This multi-use balm is 100% natural and 110% practical. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used from top to toe. We love it as a lip balm and hand cream.

Davines / Dede Hair Mist / The best leave-in conditioner for fine hair, although can be used on all hair types. It untangles hair and has anti-frizz action. If you are regularly in the water, this would be perfect to try. 

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